One of the Mind-Body's Most Marvelous Qualities is that it can be Transformed!

I walk a path with Beautiful people through a mindful  process of Neuro Tantric Theosophy by which means the brain-body becomes wired for Meta Sensual experiences; Richly Organic, Healthy, Intelligent, Happy, and Loving.

~Eden WhiteFlowers

The Mystery of life is in mastering the mind-body and creating a friendship with the deeper part of our own being.  This is life's most beautiful adventure!   ~Eden
High Performance Living
Through High Performance Living, Eden joins with people who want to become aware and familiar with their natural (creative) functions of mind as well as assists them in becoming aware of and recognizing their learned (cognitive) functions of brain mind. Using her "Think Higher System", which is a holistic model for mind work, she walks with others a path of discriminating between the natural thinking of mind and the learned thinking of brain mind and body. THE BODY ALWAYS FOLLOWS THE MIND.

This Wellness School of Thought can be referred to as mindful neuroplasticity, which engraves new patterns of awareness recognition towards cause and effect thinking. Once this awareness is identified, cognized and begins to entrain the brain, she then assists others in moving towards the transformation of this dual thinking ability into greater creativity of wholistic mind and brain balanced thinking. The body then follows this greater wisdom into more abundant states of health, vitality, well being, and gains new awareness surrounding states of Divine Universal Love Understanding.

Eden promotes the teachings of "Loving Higher" as a practice of Bhakti tantric loving and sense consciousness that creates focus into the realms of unconditional love towards all life. Once these energetics and awarenesses have developed and the innovative heart mind is open and balanced with the physical cognitive mind she assists people in bringing their sense conscious experience into a state of cohesive unity within mind and body. 
Eden's Mind-Body Wellness services include:

Eastern Body - Western Mind Chakra Ed
Tantric Consultations
Sensorial Education
Libido Concerns
Vitality & Wellness Tune Ins & Tune Ups 
Sexual Abuse Repatternings
Tantric Para-Tan Body Soundings
Light and Breath Tantra
Meditation Training
Sexual Yogic Philosophy
Weight Loss and Weight Management
Healthy Nutritional Deficiency Compensation
Food Mineral Water Education
Emotional Intelligence Education & Assessments
Brain State and Brainwave Recognition
Human Design Services
Holistic Reproductive Health Services
Access Bars Consciousness

A True Genius Thinks and Feels From A Pure Heart!
    "How Bold One Gets When One Is Sure of Being Loved"
    ~Sigmund Freud
    As a mind-body awareness supporter and listening partner I join individuals, couples and groups in person, over the phone, or online via Skype or Facetime .  I am available to meet in a comfortable setting, or at my High Performance Living location in Ogden. Your comfort matters to me.  Please contact me to schedule a time for consulting to begin your journey or answer your inquiries.

    I also offer workshops to groups and on a telebridge phone line.  I generally offer a free gathering monthly and I have developed a Think Higher Love Higher motivational presentation, an Emotional Intelligence power point presentation, and a Lets Meditate Together interactive presentation. I share these in the community among a variety of organizations.  Please visit my High Performance Living facebook page or feel free to contact me if you are interested in attending any of my public presentations, meet-ups, yoga trainings,  or webinar sharings.
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