Tantra Lifestyle
Tantra Lifestyle
Pure Love is thought felt then expressed as positive energy towards self, others, and all relationships.
The test of the female masculine is to love and nurture masculinity by expanding love consciously and by demonstrating genuine affection while men learn to love and respect the feminine within themselves and in all women.
There is No Tantra Without Mantra
There is No Tantra Without Mantra
Pure Love is thought, felt, then expressed as positive energy towards self, others, and all relationships and communicative endeavors.

- Sex is not love.

- Tantra is not sex.

- Tantra is not sacred sex.

- Tantra is not a religion.   
- Tantra may or may not involve sexuality, just as relationships between any people may or may not involve sexuality.

- Tantra  can be sensual in nature.

- Tantra is about Love and Love is not about sexuality.

- Tantra is about five sense based reality meeting six sense based reality.

- Tantra is about a sitmulated brain and a relaxed mind.

- Tantra is a higher consciousness aware of how to see LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.

- Tantra is the awareness of sense consciousness and application of commanding the movement of energy within one's self regarding Chakra mastery at a level of mind-body-spirit-energy.

Tantra Lifestyle is the moment to moment way of being present and in love with all life and all things that relate as relationships.  Living as a "Being" aware of a higher plane of existence and also understanding a transparent state of expanding love. Tantra is the literal sanskrit word  meaning  "teachings" or "scriptures".  Tantra life style is a rich and vibrant culture consciousness that used to naturally exist spiritually on this earth.  This heritage is a sense consciousness that can be awakened, developed, observed,  and realized again.

Unfortunately in our western culture nearly all written, spoken and film documented information regarding Tantra is simply a complicated blend of mostly Hindu Tantra, Tibetian Buddist Tantra, Taoism, western sexology, psychology, social and religious programming.  All of this mingled together and loosely called "New Age Tantra" identified with by the lower cognitive mind does not resemble anything of the original yoga traditions of worship and mastery that used to be practiced by earlier mankind through their developing higher creative intelligence.

Confusion about these ancient teachings and art have led the minds of most people who move towards Tantra to focus merely on the Kama Sutra type texts of the tantras that taught ancient sexual practices.   The Kama Sutra is not about sexual gymnastics or positional exercises to so call "enhance" sexual satisfaction and performance.  Many people have completely overlooked the vast amounts of text teaching the higher unconditional way of acceptance and love towards all life and a higher way to love within all relationships between life, humanity, nature, and divinity.  This expanding love evolved stems from forgiveness and then recognizes freedom and is then able to see more perfected and purified forms of LOVE.

I offer coaching programs for men, women and couples who would like to understand and experience the beauty of Tantra and what it has to offer in relationship to everything.   THE BODY ALWAYS FOLLOWS THE MIND.  Tantra is a consciousness of  mind-body-spirit-energy  that can become a way of life again.  It is a way of looking at everything as a whole.  It puts one in touch with the five sense reality realized at a higher level of sensuality.  When the mind connection is made with tantric awareness to the body this mind-body connection can manifest as a sensual experience or as any other experience of love.  For some people this may resonate as spiritual or energetic in nature.

Tantra can blend beautifully with all spiritual or religious paths and beliefs if desired as the purity of this experience can become so allowing and forgiving in nature that conflict is essentially nonexistent.
Tantra is the weaving of the separate into the whole.  Seeing oneself and others unified as a whole mind - a whole body - and a whole spiritual energy.  Wholistic sensuality can be part of seeing the bodies wholeness  awakened and become a path of awareness that raises one's consciousness towards Greater Divine concepts, Universal, and Cosmic understanding.
Wholistic mind = Higher thought/feeling consciousness
Wholistic body = Higher sense consciousness
Wholistic spirit = Higher Source consciousness
Wholistic energy = Universal light consciousness

These experiences can occur within a person who chooses to embrace Tantra and weave it into their already developed lifestyle and platforms there by creating a beautiful tapestry of a more fully realized life.  Anciently these types of experiences were referred to as awakenings of Kundalini energy within the mind-body connection.  It was considered most advantageous to learn to master and harness these energies and was considered to be a path to enlightenment.

For those interested in working with Tantra mind-body awareness, mind-body energy systems, cellular wellness, healing and balancing, sensuality and polarity, the Love Higher curriculum, and participation in Chakra sounding circles, please refer to the Bhakti Yoga page which describes Heart Flower and Dragon Power.  I also invite you out to dance with me monthly at Dance Tantra.
"Eden has guided me into a world of beauty and held me in her psychic hands, acknowledging my deeper desires to walk with the senses toward consciousness.  A path that fills me with purpose and feeds my hunger to know Myself and Nature within Divinity's Power.  She has helped me to unlock the blocks of shame that have denied me my experience of life, ecstasy, and embodied love, nourishing me and quenching my thirst for new vitality, nutrition, and healthy living."
  ~Mind-Body Explorer
For more information and/or to attend local events related to the information on this website, please visit my High Performance Living facebook page or contact me directly (contact info below).
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