Mindful Brain Yoga
The highest use of human intelligence is to discriminate the nature of one's true self from the personality formations of self that are known to the brain-body as well as to the mind itself.
~ Patanjali Yog Darshan
The Body Always Follows the Mind
Neuroplasticity is holistic brain work for the mind.  It is a process of consciously redefining which neural pathways will be used to process thought impulses in the brain.  This process also decides if new pathways will be engraved into the neural structure of the brain to replace existing pathways that are not serving an individual anymore with their current goals.

This essentially means changing one's habits with focused awareness.  The mind self is capable of changing thought patterns and habits that it has taught itself and engraved in the brain since birth (conditioning) by learning how to consciously change the mind at a level of cause (awareness).  This is what is referred to as THINKING HIGHER and this is where new neural pathways can be engraved in the brain for new thinking patterns of success to become automated.  The result is learning to automate happiness.

It is incredibly difficult to effectuate change at the level of effect (consequence) which is what most people try to do when they want to change.  To make change this way means trying to change after using a previously conditioned and engraved pathway that has become an automated habit, but is not bringing one Happiness anymore.
Choice making in a state of "now awareness" is much easier to do in the actual moment of "now". Trying to remember later something negative that occurred in the past and trying to make a new choice about it in the "now" that will be better for the future is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT!  This is because the uncomfortable emotion associated with the negative thought engraved as a past event is brought out by the mind and felt over again making higher rational choice very difficult to see.  This is why the mind will usually choose it's automated engraved conditioning instead.  Like water, the impulse thought flows to the path of least resistance.

This is why people often feel that their happiness doesn't last and they need to seek for it in new ways. New cars, new jobs, new homes, new relationships, new clothes, new anything to find some happiness.  This also seems to be what contributes to the endless addiction problem with people seeking refuge in work, alcohol, smoking, food, porn, drugs, entertainment, gambling or anything that will temporarily heighten the senses or dull them in an attempt to find some relief or temporary happiness from the storms of life.  We are all longing to be fulfilled and happy in life.

The ability to THINK HIGHER and learn to make decisions at the level of cause (awareness) consistently prompts the brain to engrave new paths.  The regular use of these new patterns establishes new networks to form in the brain that then become dominant.  These networks become the new leaders of thoughts and decisions for the individual, essentially making an automated habit of happiness.  Once Happiness is seen in the moment, actualized, understood and then recognized as a state of mind one is free in the moment of that awareness to choose the happiness seen in the actual moment, and avoid being drawn into habitually choosing external conditions to substitute for real lasting happiness.

This kind of mind work is by far the most enjoyable experience the human mind can have since it leads to states of immense peace of mind and on to higher levels of consciousness, success, and personal growth. This is being in touch with one's own genius and having the ability to see it happening!

When one has experienced some ability to understand what the whole mind is capable of when balanced and choosing harmony between the creative and cognitive realms of mind, also associated with body, life becomes consistently more successful and enjoyable.  When one can heal from negative and painful thoughts as they occur in real time in the moment and realize that what is left is pure freedom to allow these new corrected thoughts to produce a desirable outcome, the source of pain and disappointment begins to dissolve.  What is left after experiencing this beautiful process of mastering mind and matter is simply this, happiness and success are at your service more consistently from now on!

Light The Mind and Let It Shine!
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