Energetic Healing Arts
Energetic Healing Arts
The test of the male masculine is to learn to endeavor and vulnerably open into deepening love and respecting the feminine without the need to understand women.
The test of the female masculine is to love and nurture masculinity by expanding love consciously and by demonstrating genuine affection while men learn to love and respect the feminine within themselves and in all women.
Heart Flower and Dragon Power
Honoring and Healing the Heart Flower of feminine love and Honoring and Healing the love power of Dragon masculinity is most easily accomplished when the mind has become somewhat balanced and educated regarding the body's Chakra energy centers and towards the power of Bhakti yoga understanding about self and relationships.  These principles, called Bhakti tantra yoga, are thousands in number, but all are about expanding love consciously towards unconditional love. 

Bhakti is a mind-body energetic connective experience that will allow for heightened states of love.  This may or may not include for some people a much higher awareness of experience relating to sensuality. It is truly up to the Higher Nature of the individual "selfs" involved and the trained capacity of mind to allow for greater manifestation of bliss-ecstasy consciousness.

Heart Flower for women and Dragon Power for men are holistic intimacy programs developed to heal the mind at an intimate level through education, neuroplasticity, trust exercises, inner mind-body-spirit self exploration, sound vibration, entrainment, body energy cognition, kinesthetic touch, and sensuality (sense-reality) training.   Remembering ...THE BODY ALWAYS FOLLOWS THE MIND.  Therefore health, balance, and pleasure of mind is prerequisite to the health, balance, and pleasure of body. 

My hope in developing these programs is to  assist others as a sense conscious support system and friend who cares genuinely for the well being and happiness of those who choose to work with me through the models I have trained in and developed.

For those seeking answers in dealing with intimate concerns, negative sexual experience, sexual dysfunctions, relationship frustration,  or wanting to find greater peace and happiness through a pleasure journey to greater fulfillment, I invite you to contact me personally about these intimacy programs.  I offer these services as a private practice of sense based awareness training as well as a mind-body therapeutic to relieve the stresses of normal living and frustration, enhancing the model towards positive renewal and healthy vibration.

I also offer sounding circles from the feminine tradition of the sanskrit Sri Chakra.  This holistic alternative cellular healing modality is tantric based.  It is also energetically applied through sound vibration, color cognition and kinesthetic touch.  These Bhakti circles are a great introduction to tantric yoga principles of expanding love and service towards self and others.  These circles are created in service to fellow men and women seeking love and support and are not sense sexual in nature.   Much respect is given to all who attend and are similar to community meditation circles honoring the highest good in all through service orientation.

 Men and women are invited to attend and participate in these community circles Tuesday nights upon contacting me personally for location and details.  These circles are held in Ogden, Utah at 6:30 pm.  The cost is 5 dollars for participation and 35 dollars for those interested in being the nightly recipient of the group activation and chakra sounding. These usually take 60-90 min. and we are able to accommodate one sounding per night.  By assisting in the meditation and mantra toning process as well as helping to hold safe space for another person, tantric principles of love and awareness can be learned and valued. It is such a nice cleansing experience to participate in the release of physical, mental, emotional, and subconscious blockages of negative cellular memory in one's self and others.

For the curious or new to Bhakti Tantra Yoga investigator please feel free to join me on my free monthly intro call Monday night from 9:00-10:00 pm from the privacy of your own home.  Only first names are used or needed to relate for this call in.  This Tantra Talk phone session is where I discuss the basic historical Bhakti Tantric ideas and the unlimited possibilities of practically applied awareness to sexuality, sensuality, yoga and its many forms of "Love Higher Tantra".  I also answer a few questions at the end of the session. As always with any mind-body connection work or Tantric yoga discussion I ask for complete honor, respect, and maturity throughout the entire conversation allowing for all who have called to gain new insight and have the opportunity of moving towards the practical application of newer ideas and experiences.
For more information and/or to attend local events related to the information on this website, please visit my High Performance Living facebook page or contact me directly (contact info below).
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     by Diane Ackerman
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