Atomic Intelligence
Atomic Intelligence
The intuitive mind (EQ) is a sacred gift and the rational  mind (IQ) is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift!
~ Albert Einstein
Emotional Intelligence Definition
Emotional Intelligence is a dimension of intelligence that's responsible for the ability to be aware of one's own emotions and the emotions of others. Emotional Intelligence then uses that awareness to manage oneself and manage one's relationships with others.

Emotional Intelligence also distinguishes whether one is able to have wholesome, warm relationships with others or cold and distant ones.  It is what can distinguish between whether people are drawn to each other or if they repel and avoid each other. It is what makes the difference between whether people find out and live their life's passions or just put in time living life on the planet getting by. It can be what makes the difference between the good life and the mediocre or miserable one.

From 1900 until around 1970 Intelligence was studied and measured with the primary focus being cognitive mind Intelligence which is defined as verbal, logical and mathematical reasoning.

This Intelligence idea gave birth to the "IQ" or Intellectual Intelligence Quotient.  IQ tests were popular and used to measure one's intelligence.  Unfortunately, the conditioning of our culture has and still keeps many minds thinking that Intellectual Intelligence is what makes a person smart. Certainly high cognitve mind Intelligence does have its place and is valuable in the world, but many people who have High IQ's can also be very emotionally limited, unbalanced, and unable to work with others. Ideally learning where our intelligence strengths are and creating balance within our intellectual and emotional intelligent minds brings about greater HAPPINESS and SUCCESS. 
There are basically eight types of Intelligence defined today:

1. Verbal / Linguistic awareness
2. Logical / mathematical awareness
3. Musical awareness
4. Visual awareness
5. Bodily / Kinesthetic awareness
6. Naturalistic  / nature,enviroment, and spatial awareness
7. Interpersonal / self awareness
8. Intrapersonal / high awareness of others

Emotional Intelligence is creative mind intelligence which is born out of greater intelligence ideas surrounding much research into the areas of Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligence since 1990.
I am certified to offer the SEIP (Social Emotional Intelligence Profile) presentation and assessment course and survey to groups and individuals who are interested in learning more about their inclinations and levels of awareness regarding emotional intelligence.
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