The Return To Eden is a mindset based on the symbology of the Garden of Eden idea.  It is the entrance to a sacred culmination doorway of balanced achievement of self.  It is the mind-body higher awareness that has become unified with the lower tangible awareness and is the wholesome holistic experience of Bhakti Tantra understanding.  If highly realized , this manifestational experience expresses as authentic love in union with divinity or supreme source.  It is a consciousness of pure understanding, while in a present moment, which appears to have no opposite.  It is seen as transcendental and beyond the level of our normal cognition.
This experience is attainable in human life awareness for anyone who is committed enough to enter into Eden's path of awareness again with Great understanding.  This very deep and inner level journey of exploration is sacred to the heart of many people.  It is often considered the unifying of the four lower bodies of conscious intelligence synchronisticly lining up with universal truths within one's self.  This creates a new awareness of the time-space-form-energy thought-feeling continuum.

When one begins to transform themselves through an intensely aware and vigorous path of mastery, mastering cognition with analysis and creativity regarding cause and effect thinking, a portal of awareness opens.  This knowledge allows one to move into incredibly deep levels of whole and integrated mind-body participation.  This gives someone the ability to know the attributes and become highly trained and aware of the actions of the impulse self in relation to  the passions and desires of the sub aware self.  From this, truer knowledgeable states of freedom and joy can be experienced, perceived, and felt as a supernatural ecstatic pinnacle of mind-body union.

When a person of perseverance and dedication has experienced this within and is also honored to be drawn organically into the company of a companion that has also endeavored and experienced this like-minded and sense based initiatic adventure.  The merging of the consciousness and alchemical states of being, raises the one Being of both of them into a catalystic pinnacle of existential understanding that most would regard beyond comprehension to the usual cognitive mind and the world it identifies with.

I graciously invite anyone interested in working with the reality mastery of Higher Authentic Loving which is among the virtues of love, joy, health, sensuality, gratitude and purification of thought-feeling-action based reality to happily contact me if desired and walk a Beautiful journey of Great discovery, perhaps experiencing once again a Transcendental Garden in a reality called Eden.


~Eden WhiteFlowers.
There is no Anxiety in Love; there is Anxiety in Knowledge.  If there is no anxiety, The Advanced Dimensions are never open to Humanity.  This is a Channel of Doubt so loaded that it is not possible for every Consciousness to be able to endure it.  The Purpose is to alleviate these Doubts by Love and thus, to gain the Power of Living.
~BK 999
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The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale
Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith
A Natural History of the Senses
     by Diane Ackerman
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